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Whisper Beauty's Tai Chi Garden Mediation

 Golden Light Meditation

"Follow this process to paradise," promised my master as he taught us the Golden Light meditation. 


Each of these phases in the meditation should be practiced for 2 weeks before proceeding to the next.  Meditation is not something you should rush to learn, it takes time and practice. 

I.  Deep Breathing

The first 3 stages breath in 11 X in the nose to solar plexus, exhale through the nose.

1.  Inhale Golden Light, Exhale pollutants in the form of black smoke.

2.  Inhale and exhale.  Listen to the breath. 

3.  Inhale positive energy (both animate and inanimate).  Exhale, give back energy, joy, positive feeling.

Do for 2 weeks before moving on to the next section.

II.  Crystal

Bring the concentration to the Pineal Gland.  Imagine a diamond or crystal, bright light.  Also imagine one in the dantien, a translucent dot between the brows melts, elongates down the spine to the perinium.  

A line forms into a hollow tube like a straw.  When active, it starts to pulsate.  Central meridian is where the spiritual energy travels thru all chakras.  Exhale down thru the straw (from inside the body).  Inhale upward thru the straw.  This trains the spiritual energy to move.  Do this 11X when you are able to activate this.

III.  Expanding Column

Now the line is pulsating, expanding outward.  11 breaths to bring the line outside of your body.  You are completely within the column.  For 11 breaths imagine shrinking  your body to the size of a thumb.  

IV.  Oval

Envision the column on top bending down to the dantien.  Do the same with the bottom.  Now you have an oval and you are inside of it suspended.

V. Rays of Light

Golden rays of light shine from the walls of the egg in which you are suspended.  It is knocking out any diseases.  Spend 5 minutes in this process.  Continue until your body is purified.  Must do every day to flush pollutants.

VI.  Body Expands

Imagine the lines opening again to the column.  11 breaths and the column shrinks to a straw.  11 breaths and the body is full size.  

VII.  Beautiful Flower

Then bring the attention to the heart in the center of your body.  There is a beautiful red flower beyond all description.  Red is the color of life, deep, penetrating, smooth, velvet cool fragrant. You have a real smile because you feel joy.  Eight petals counter clockwise as you open.  Inside the flower is the little thumb size you, made of very pure crystal with a tinge of red.  

IX.  Crystal Pure You

The crystal figure stands up and rises up through your head to one arms' length above your head.  Imagine the little figure stands with legs apart, arms and fingers outstretched.  Imagine two moon disks through the feet, sun disks through the arms.  Yellow mixes in your dantien.  Imagine this as long as you can.  Imagine that a shaft of light goes through and cleanses your body like snowflakes until you are perfectly clean and pure.  Your body is a piece of refined crystal.

 X.  Decent & Rebirth

Imagine the orbs disappear and the crystal figure descends through your head, folds hands over knees to sleep, and the bud closes over the body (the petals close clockwise). Still vibrant, your new born embryo of your soul.   The flower bud is pulsating more brilliant, only the flower exists, until the image finally fades.

Do this with normal breathing.  Take 3 deep breaths and open your eyes.


Rub hands.  Face rub.  Hair rub.  Slap hands over the arms, lungs, rib cage, dantien, back of neck, between the brows, slap the legs, end of meditation.