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Whisper Beauty's Tai Chi Garden Thoughts & Quotes
Change is constant in nature, but there is an unchanging principle underlying all change.  Take water, for example.  Water evaporates and becomes clouds.  Clouds become rain, sleet, or snow.  Lakes become ice.  But throughout all these changes, water does not lose its essential nature.

Forget the illusion of a separate existence.  Cast off this imaginary limitation that separates you from the Way.  Let your finiteness merge with the infinite.  Far from becomming diminished, you will become infinite yourself.  When you have this perception, you will then know the true secret of the sages: The mind of one who returns to the Source becomes the Source.

I dreamed that I was a butterfly.  Now, when I am awake, I do not know if I was dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.

The man of wisdom simply is.  He does not cling to the thought.  He is still and knows that he is god.

Ever learn to fly without wings?  It is to bring one's spiritual essence up the spine.

The secret of invisibility is to sit so still that one is like a lizard on a branch who is unnoticed because it is unmoving.

Mediation is not merely a state, but a vehicle to understanding.

A cat preserves energy, knows the art of breathing, heals itself, and is skilled in the meditative concentration.  Everything you need to learn, the cat knows already.

Rushing shortens one's life.

Follow the seasons.  Spring is the time for new growth, movement, exercise, and fresh activity.  Summer is the time to release your vigor fully to work on endeavors begun.  Autumn is a time of harvest but also of preparation for winter.  Winter is a time when nothing moves.  That is when you should withdraw into yourself and meditate.

No matter what happens, you must meet life head-on.  At each stage of life, you will experience new knowledge.  It is only by using this knowledge and following uninterruptedly the turning of your life that you will fulfill your destiny.

Wrong no one, lest others wrong you.

Don't think evil things, and you will not do wrong.  People do bad things because they give in to temptation.  But if we don't even think or allow ourselves to consider it, we will not have anything to which to yield.