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Tai Chi

(51 Movements)

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese art for health and relaxation. This is a belief system based on Yin and Yang (the opposing, yet complementary forces) which create harmony in nature. Tai Chi is normally associated with the slow, graceful movements seen performed in Chinese parks early in the morning. Its form is a series of carefully coordinated movements, flowing together like a river. These movements are derived from the movements of animals and follow a natural, relaxed pattern.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi helps to increase the body awareness. This is an exercise which gently increases the body's range of movement while exercising the internal organs. The slow meditative movement aid relaxation, stress reduction, balance and posture.

Tai Chi Movements

Movement # Movement Name Facing Direction
1 Commencement North
2 Grasp bird's tail (L, C) East
3 Single wipe West
4 Strum the pei pa North
5 White stock spreads out wings West
6 Brush knee (1) West
7 Strum the pei pa West
8 Brush knee (1) West
9 White snake puts out tongue West
10 Deflect, parry and punch West
11 Appear to close entrance West
12 Cross hands North
13 Embrace tiger, return tiger to mountain South East
14 Diagonal single wipe North
15 Fist under elbow West
16 Repose monkey (L, R, L) West (backward)
17 Slanting fly North
18 Step up and strum the pei pa North
19 Push wall to one side West
20 White stork spreads out wings West
21 Brush knee (1) West
22 Step up and push needle to sea bottom West
23 Fan through the back East
24 White snake puts out tongue East
25 Deflect, parry and punch East
26 Step up to grasp bird's tail East
27 Single whip North
28 Cloud hands (3) North (backward)
29 Single wipe West
30 High pat on horse West
31 Kick to the right West
32 Kick to the left West
33 Turn and kick East
34 Brush knee (2) East
35 Slanting Punch East
36 Turn and chop with fist West
39 Deflect, parry and punch West
40 Kick with right foot South
41 Strike tiger at left South
42 Strike tiger at right North
43 Kick tiger with right foot North
44 Strike tiger's ears with both fists North
45 Kick with left foot North
46 Turn and kick West
47 Chop with fist West
48 Defect, parry and punch West
49 Appear to close entrance West
50 Cross hands West
51 Closing of Tai Chi North

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