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What is Qigong?


      Qigong pronounced chee-gong consists of two Chinese characters:        
                                Qi: the vital energy that is found in all things
                                Gong: the practice and method of cultivate the Qi 


    In short, qigong is a process of obtaining the vital energy from the universe          through cultivation of mind and body

    It integrates the training of mind and consciousness with bodily relaxation,
    breath, concentration and visualization

    Traditional Qigong handed down through generations of qigong masters for
    thousands of years forms the foundation of many aspects of Chinese culture
    and history, such as the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and martial arts

    Qi Gong (Chi Kung) means literally, "Energy Cultivation," and refers to exercises which improve health and longevity as well as increase the sense of harmony within oneself and in the world. There are thousands of such exercises. In fact, anything you do with the intention of benefiting your energy can be considered Chi Kung. All Chi Kung contains common principles - mind, eyes, movement and breath. Another way to express this is - the mind is the presence
    of intention, the eyes are the focus of intention, the movement is the action of intention, the breath is the flow of intention. These are the "secrets" of Chi Kung - and they are often taught at the beginning of training. Of course it takes years of exploring these ideas in practice to begin to truly grasp their

    In remote areas of China,  Buddhist and Taoist adepts sought to increase their internal energy and keep it flowing freely throughout their long days of seated meditation.
    Some say that an Indian Buddhist named Bodhidarma (or Tamo, or Damo) first brought Qi Gong to a Taoist temple in China. This would suggest that Qi Gong's roots are in India. Then again, others say that Qi Gong was first created in China. Qi Gong is something that any human being can discover within him or herself. Witness a child running onto the warm sands of the beach sometime. Notice how deeply they breath in the salty air or how their arms open wide to embrace all the fun that lies before them. This is Qi Gong in its purist form. Children have a natural relationship with the energy of their environment. Adults have to learn what comes naturally to our offspring. Any argument as to where Qi Gong was "invented" misses the reality of what Qi Gong really is.

    The word Qi (Chi) is used to describe breath, vapor, air, and of course, the internal energy that Chinese medicine is so adept at strengthening. Gong (Kung) means work, or achievement.

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