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Sung Kung Ko's Calligraphy Shop.

Trader's Village

Shanghai Steve's

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Chinese writing evolved from ancient pictographs, symbols that portrayed such things as mountains, rice or a mother with babe in arms.

Over time, Chinese calligraphy grew from mere writing into a highly developed art form. It is now both a physical and spiritual discipline.

The graphic versatility and beauty of Chinese calligraphy allows a richness of meaning beyond the content of what, literally, is said. Bold strokes shout power. Delicate sweeping strokes show sensitivity, depth of feeling. It is art.

"Lay ho, lay ho. I am calligrapher Ko.Never mind I talk I work. I say this a thousand times.

Look you see the four tools for calligraphy. Brush, Chinese ink, paper, and ink stone. These are Four Treasures of the Scholars Room.

Ink slab is best made of stone. And has a well for water to dip the ink block. Then you rub the block on the stone to get your writing fluid. You want it thick, you rub a lot. You want a wash, you rub a little.

Now, you wanna buy some ink or or brushes or paper or what?"

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Four Treasures

of the

Scholars Room:

Chinese ink.

Calligraphy brush.


Ink stone.

1996, 1999 Steven lorin McNamara