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Here you'll discover the culture, characters, crafts, and many mysteries of a small island in the South China Sea. 47trans1.gif (879 bytes)
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Whisper Beauty's Tai Chi Garden and links.

Trader's Village

Island Temple

White Lotus

Angry Dragon

Taipan's Mansion

Tiger Lady

The Junk

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The junk is your link to other sites in the region, sailor.


We're trying to promote tourism, so tell Steve what you think about our island, whether you had a good time here, any annoyances,  that sort of thing.

Welcome, player.  Here you'll explore the culture, customs, crafts and many mysteries of China in the Tai Chi Garden.



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Island Temple is our house of spiritual renewal and worship. Here you can petition the Chinese Gods to grant your wishes, discover what the future holds, and commune with your ancestors.

When you've finished exploring this part of the island, head over to Trader's Village. Yeah, some of the shops are still closed, have been since typhoon Mae. But hey, stop by the fortune teller, check on your Chinese horoscope. It's free since you're Steve's guest. As is Mr. Ko's lecture on calligraphy. Just be sure to put on some manners if you take a cup at the Tea House.



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So get ready for an Asian adventure along our streets and jungle paths. Because you just might see some things you've never seen before.


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Just yesterday there was a murder on Castle Island The killer, we don't know who it was, and rumors are flying wild. So you go there at some risk.

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At the Taipan's Mansion you'll discover a treasure of Asian arts, including fine hand-painted porcelain. The dragon room is particularly intriguing.

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It's rare to catch a glimpse of the Tiger Lady. Unless you splash a certain scent on your body and walk alone at night into the jungle.

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The  poster girls are charming and beautiful in the House of White Lotus. Especially if you know the "wonderful word."


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They serve Three Snakes Wine at the Shanghai Bar.


Wherever you go on this island, be prepared for surprise.

Because much of what you find here, like all of Asia, is not as it appears on the surface.


Send an e to Shanghai Steve.

1999 Whisper Beauty