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Shanghai Steve's Store features useful and beautiful stuff from all over Asia. 47trans1.gif (879 bytes)
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Joko and Yaya, pictured with their friend Steve, prefer to shop in Bali.

Send an e to Shanghai Steve.

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Take a look at the product categories below. Tell Steve what sparks your interest. And put the name of the product category in the "subject" of your email. We'll share any buying tips we have, free of charge. (And no, we won't sell your e address.)

It's Shanghai Steve's Store for useful and beautiful stuff from all over Asia.

"I moved to Hong Kong in 1994 to take a job at an advertising agency. At the time, I knew very little about Asia, but was soon captivated. In this store you will find beautiful and useful stuff -- sometimes curious and interesting stuff --  from my travels, China to Indonesia."

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There are Asian communities throughout the world where you can find some of the things shown below.



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You'll find great shopping in every major city in Asia, with Hong Kong at the top of the list.


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Yes, it's the ever popular Three Snakes Wine.

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Yixing tea pots & sets.

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Chinese stamps and stamp sets.


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Chinese herbal and packaged medicines.


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Ceramic tea & coffee mugs.

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Art, such as this hand painted plate.


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Pu-erh tea. Several brands and flavors.


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Temple Supplies, including prayer papers, candles, statuettes.




Also good to get:



Porcelain tea pots.

Calligraphy kits and supplies.

Asian Fragrances for men & women.

Chinese birthday gifts.

Chinese New Years Gifts.

Handcrafted wooden birdcages.


1996, 1999 Steven lorin McNamara