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Here "); document.write("you’ll encounter a variety of habitats—"); document.write("places perfectly suited for particular plants and animals. "); document.write("These are important parts of the forest—"); document.write("and our environment. Think of them "); document.write("as pieces of a global jigsaw puzzle.
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We hope your visit will deepen your enjoyment of Geography Awareness Week. The theme for the 1996-1997 school year was “Exploring a World of Habitats, Seeing a World of Difference.”

Like any other explorer, you may need some gear. The Fantastic Forest looks best in Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher) or Internet Explorer 3.0 (or higher), and sounds best with Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher). Shockwave and QuickTime VR will also enhance your visit to the site.

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© 1996 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.



Dorrit Green
M. Ford Cochran

Peter Winkler

Valerie May

Melanie Patt-Corner

Bud Peen

3-D Images and Panoramas
Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson Presents
Julie Beeler
Brad Johnson

Javascript Programming
Mind’s Eye
Jelili Salako
Marshall Swatt

Lingo Programming
Christian Anthony

Certificate Programming
John Labovitz

Image Acquisition
Stephen St. John

Audio Engineering
Mark Christmas

Audio Acquisition
Rock Wheeler

Special thanks to the following U.S. Forest Service employees at Fernow Experimental Forest in West Virginia:

Mary Beth Adams, Jerry Crews, Layne Godwin, Richard Hovatter, James Kochenderfer, Linda Loughry, Gary Miller, Linda Plaugher, Robert Rosier, and Linda Thomasma.


© 1996 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.



If you have problems with Shockwave, click here for help from Macromedia.

To hear the sounds of the Fantastic Forest and view the panoramas with Netscape Navigator 3.0, make sure you have the QuickTime VR Plug-in. The “easy download” is recommended.


© 1996 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.