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Whisper Beauty's Tai Chi Garden
Commencing the Form

Part Wild Horse Mane on Both Sides

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

Brush Knee and Twist Step on Both Sides

Hand Strums the Lute

Repulse the Monkey

Grasp the Bird's Tail - Left Style

Grasp the Bird's Tail -- Right Style

Single Whip

Wave Hands Like Clouds -- Left Style

Single Whip

High Pat on Horse

Kick with Right Heel

Strike with Both Fists

Turn and Kick with Left Heel

Squat Down and Stand on One Leg -- Left Style

Squat Down and Stand on One Leg -- Right Style

Fair Lady Works the Shuttles

Needle at Sea Bottom

Fan Penetrates Back

Turn, Deflect downward, Parry and Punch

Withdraw and Puch

Cross Hands

Closing Form